Inventory Management

Auditing & Investigation of variances in cargo quantities

Cargo movement from one location/containment to another ordinarily comes with variances owing to different accuracies of measuring equipment, varying conditions during measurement times and many other factors.
Due to such factors, there is a need to standardize processes to increase the reliability of the process results. However, attaining 100 percent accuracy is never practical hence the practicality to work with allowable tolerance limits.
From experience, we have learned that if processes are not audited, chances of beyond tolerances are eminent and the reasons are many, as mentioned under stock verification and process management.
Therefore, Pauphile group offers to audit and/or investigate already occurred cargo variances and report extensively on the same. This process includes reviewing stored and confirming stored data, interviewing process owners, checking equipment accuracies and recalculating figures to unravel the truth.