Product Sampling & Testing

On spot grading & testing

A number of physical parameters for grains and pulses are tested in the field during cargo inspections. Our well-trained analysts and surveyors are equipped with grain mixers, weighing and other equipment to facilitate grading of the grains and pulses on site.
Examples of products here include but not limited to white maize, yellow corn, wheat, barley, rice, beans, peas, green grams etcetera. Tested parameters, in this case, are defective grains, pest damaged grains, discolored grains, shriveled grains, rotten & diseased grains, and other parameters. Besides the physical tests, we have mobile test kits that we also use to test other parameters for instance moisture content and aflatoxin levels.
With Pauphile group field-testing, the efficiencies of our clients’ operations have increased significantly since no time is lost is awaiting sample delivery to the laboratories.