Containers – Dry & Reefer.

Stuffing supervision

Pauphile group independently conducts pre-shipment inspections. This involves through and high integrity inspection of empty containers – for suitability to stuff particular cargo types, actual loading supervision, and sealing of containers at the depots, exporters’ factories, warehouses or cold rooms.
Our mandate during this exercise is to control actual quantities against values indicated on the packing list and/or commercial invoice, check-packing conditions, control any leakages and/or odors, verify loading & sealing methods, and note container number, all as per work instructions.
This ensures shipped products are as per sales contracts, appropriately packed, & eliminates chances of leakage, smell, dirt, etc. and equally important is the product shipping time.

Stripping supervision

We supervise de-stuffing of containers with a lot of pre-planning and careful organization, particularly when dealing with many different sized items or bulky, awkwardly shaped goods.
For goods that are not palletized, obviously in order to maximize overall space during shipment, our skilled surveyors put in even more focus as well as ensuring the goods are methodically reloaded onto pallets for easy distribution.
Due to varying stock identification procedures across different regions, labeling difficulties are prone to arise and so our well-trained, attentive inspectors are keen to recheck product labeling for the appropriate classification.
We know well that damages are likely to occur during shipping and this necessitates our thorough inspection to check for damages so that liability does not fall unfairly on any of the stakeholders. Because of our properly trained surveyors, our clients have recorded reduced number of damaged goods during stripping, as well as minimized the time spent in de-stuffing of containers by ensuring items are intelligently unloaded onto pallets, reducing both labor and financial cost.

Damage & Condition survey

Pauphile group prides in offering reliable damage & condition surveys. We investigate and obtain pertinent facts to establish and document the circumstances surrounding the loss (i.e. affected parties, contractual relationships, shipping terms, conveyance details, voyage details, stowage and securing, affected cargo details, etc.)
Detailed inspection of affected cargo is conducted to determine aspect, nature, and extent of the damage and this informs the company opinion rendering the cause of damage. We provide recommendations on actions to mitigate the subject damage/loss as well as potential future similar losses. The independence of our factual inspections provides all damage details vital for filing accurate, the third party verified loss claims with insurance companies and/or placing liability rightfully to impacted stakeholder for repairs.