Grains, Pulses & Fertilizer

Draft Survey

For solid cargoes, which do not take the shape of the ship’s hold and whose density and volume are not obvious, Pauphile surveyors use the draft survey to calculate loaded or discharged cargo quantities with 95% confidence level.
We achieve this through expertise reading of drafts and taking into account all prevailing circumstances.
Small boats are used to go around the ship and get as near as possible to the draft mark for best viewing and recording on notebooks. Actual water density is checked with a hydrometer/density meter instead of assuming seawater density as 1.025 and the fresh water at density 1.000 – this is because the water density is subject to changes, which come with water tide carrying different water salinity and temperature on to the ship dock.
The cargo weight is then computed mathematically after determining deductible weights by measuring, sounding, and using hydrastics tables.

Cargo Tally

Throughout vessel discharge, bagging, container stuffing, and stripping Pauphile group provides Tally, Surveying, and Consultancy for cargo transfers of various bulk, containerized and break-bulk commodities with qualified and professional cargo surveyors. Through expatriate cargo surveys and keen focus on data capturing, our team uses their skills and resources to work together with the cargo handlers, which allows us to act quickly and effectively.
Our on-site chief tally supervisors act for and on behalf of our customers to identify problems before they arise and prevent loss or contamination of cargo. If cargo issues do arise, customers are kept abreast with real-time communications, alerting them to situations in order to mitigate damage, prevent the loss, and set up a strategic plan for moving forward.

Weighing & weights verification

Pauphile group is an approved verifier of weights, VGM – Verified Gross Mass.
Verification of weights is an important task and it is very vital because errors resulting have a direct financial implication on cargo buyers and sellers. The accuracy of measured weight can be distorted by many factors including equipment, human resource, ground level, carriage, etc. For this reason, Pauphile surveyors are trained not just on cargo weight but also in-depth in assessing the reliability of the resulting weights.
From 10% to 100% weighing, our knowledgeable team is attentive to produce authentic weights during bulk cargo discharge, bagging, container stuffing & stripping and superintendence of weighbridges.
Our following and close liaison with the verification of the weight approving institutions is not only a commitment to providing accurate weights but also and more importantly, that weights measured can be duplicated on any other well-calibrated equipment.

Bagging supervision

Understanding the needs of clients, Pauphile group offers full-time supervision of bagging for different types of commodities. Our knowledge of bagging operations benefits clients and our surveyors carefully inspect the equipment, detect occurring faults, and recommend improvements.
We undertake to ensure that both empty packs and filled packages meet required specifications through our random sampling and inspection. The per bagging line per hour thorough inspection not only ensures conformity to bagging specifications but also optimizes output. On the hand, the properly inspected empty packs ensure zero spillage since all torn packages are hipped away for a return to the manufacturer as rejects.

Blending supervision

We take pride in blending supervision especially; Tea blending where we supervise mixing of different teas together to produce a final product. Our role is key in ensuring proportionate quantities of different teas of different origins and characters are mixed to create a well-balanced flavor. Through this, variations in tealeaf quality and differences from season smoothed out and result in a final desirable product. Our supervision is keen to align with the rule of the thumb every blend must taste the same as the previous one, so a consumer does not detect a difference in flavor from one purchase to the next…..this Pauphile group helps clients achieve and retain their customers.

Loading & offloading supervision

Unsupervised loading and unloading operations are likely to result in shortages or lead to spillages if not well attended. For these reasons, cargo owners and terminals appoint Pauphile group to superintend the operations.
With a team of experienced cargo surveyors, Pauphile group successfully supervises loading and unloading of trucks and wagons thereby guaranteeing quality and quantity of cargo. To achieve this, the company has invested in training surveyors in quantity determination, and truck/wagon inspection. Our clients no longer have to worry of product quality and shortages since their trucks and wagons are inspected, loaded, sealed, and offloaded in the supervision of expatriates, who check, measure, test, and interpret cargo to the grain.